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In recent years the increased demand for skilled build contractors coupled with the finite number of good experienced engineers available to carry out the works has led to a downturn in the quality of installs. The management team of GBC is dedicated to ensuring and improving quality. We have a team of well-established, experienced and respected engineers and we believe that investment of both time and money in further development and enhancement of their skills to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality and a leader in the market.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy

It is the policy of Great British Communications Ltd to deliver the most professional service available, meeting all contractual requirements of our customers through the employment and training of competent personnel. We aim for continual improvement by being proactive in all areas of our business, through effective communication with our customers and to have the flexibility and competency to meet their demands and future needs. The significant impact that our company could have on the safety, health, environmental and quality is controlled by our management systems.
Our aim is to be market leader in telecommunications infrastructure services and to ensure that risks are identified and wherever reasonably practicable, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level compliant with UK legislation.

SHEQ Management Policy rev_04

Apprenticeship Scheme

To ensure the telecoms industry has access to quality resource in the medium to long term future we also operate a trainee scheme to bring through the next generation of rigging engineer. All our trainees go through a vigorous process of assessments and monitoring over a 2 year period as part of our programme to integrate them into a team as a fully-fledged rigger on completion of their training. During this period they will receive numerous training courses and in house workshops including the Anritsu CLS and PIM training.

Experienced Management Team

Our team of project, construction, rigging and development managers have, on average, over 10 years’ experience delivering quality sites to stringent operator and network specifications within the telecoms industry. Our close knit team of telecoms experts have the ability and responsibility to drive sites from start to finish ensuring an efficient and personal service to our clients.

Arqiva Accreditation

GBC and all our engineers are Arqiva accredited and have good relationships with the various site providers. Our sympathetic, respectful and personable attitude when working with the various site providers has built up this relationship which has proven to be mutually beneficial over the years.
GBC and our project co-ordinators also have strong relationships with the outage request teams across all operators. These relationships are key to our success and our ability to plan, attend and complete site tasks on time.

GBC pride ourselves on our ability to access sites safely and rapidly to turnaround client requirements in the quickest possible timeframe.


  • Rope Access BS7985
  • Vertical Latchway Approved Installer
  • Metreel Fall Arrest Approved Installer
  • Class A1 Anchor Approved Installer
  • Arqiva Gateway
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Safe contractor approved
  • TEF & VF Symology accounts